Concentrix Jobs For Freshers | Concentrix Recruitment – 2023

Concentrix Jobs For Freshers | Concentrix Recruitment – 2023

COMPANY Concentrix
SALARY 3ok per month
ROLE Review and process agent time off and schedule change requests.
OTHER INFORMATION Job Position – Associate, Planning & Scheduling


1. Is it good to join Concentrix?

Concentrix is rated 4.0 out of 5 by the employees, who are working at Concentrix.

2. Does Concentrix hire fast?

In Concentrix, it takes literally less than a day to hire.

3. What is the salary of Concentrix?

In Concentrix, there are 12,000 per month for Trainer to 35,000 per month for Assistant Manager.

4. Is Concentrix good for freshers?

For freshers, it is a good enough company to start your career.

5. How long is Concentrix training?

Training is a month in Concentrix.

6. How do I crack my Concentrix Interview?

In Concentrix, interviews are easy to crack. If they have the right and positive attitude, you can crack any kind of interview.

7. Is Concentrix training Paid?

You don’t have to pay for the training period in Concentrix.

8. What are the skills required in Concentrix?

In Concentrix, there is soft skills, communication skills, and presentation skills are required.