Focus Edumatics Work From Home | Focus Edumatics Recruitment – 2023

Focus Edu Matics Work from Home | Focus Edu Matics Recruitment – 2023

COMPANY Focus Edu Matics
SALARY 17k per month
ROLE Answer students’ questions related to the course content.
OTHER INFORMATION Job Position – Online Tutor


1. What is the salary of a focus edu matics tutor?

In focus edu matics, salary ranges between 16,003 to 17,658 per month.

2. What is the work in focus edu matics?

Focus edumatics develop user-centric, e-learning products by adopting diversified, cutting-edge technology to improve the teaching-learning process.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for focus edu matics?

Focus Edu matics eligibility criteria is a candidate should have completed a Degree from a reputed institution.

4. Is focus edu matics good or bad?

Focus Edumatics is a very good company.

5. What is the salary of focus edu matics part-time?

In focus edu matics, the average salary in focus edumatics is 4.0 Lakhs.

6. What is the salary of focus edu matics for freshers?

In focus, edu matics salary ranges from approximately.

7. What is the job timing of focus edu matics?

In focus edu matics, job timing is 9 hours but everyone has to extend it to 12 hours.

8. How many rounds are on focus edu matics?

In focus edumatics, there are 3 rounds of interviews.