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Introduction of Illinois Toll Plaza

The state of Illinois toll plaza map has a rich history and diverse landscapes. Also located in Illinois, from the city of Chicago to the rolling hills of the Shawnee National Forest. Otherwise, if you want to plan a road trip in this state of Illinois, navigating the tolls can be a hassle for you, so you can plan your route easily and reduce unexpected payments on this Illinois toll plaza map.

illinois toll plaza map

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We’ll cover all the details in this Illinois toll plaza navigate the guide, and we’ll explain everything from the different types of tolls to the easiest routes. Whether you are a regular in the state or a first-time visitor, our state’s toll plaza guide to navigating will be of great help to you

How to understand the toll plaza map of the state of Illinois?

What are toll plazas?

Toll plazas on highways are various places and people coming from here need to pay cash at these toll plazas to use the space these payments from the toll plazas are used for the construction works of the highway and the funding of these construction works. The state of Illinois has various types of toll plazas, some of which are

Cash Type Tolls: These are major toll plazas so all drivers are required to pay cash at these toll plazas.

I-PASS Tolls: I-PASS Toll Plaza is a paid tolling system that helps drivers pay toll fees electronically.

Pay-by-plate tolls: The pay-by-plate toll plaza system takes a photo of the vehicle’s license plate number and delivers the bill to the owner’s location.

Where are the toll plazas located?

The state of Illinois has a variety of tollways including:

  • Chicago Skyway
  • Illinois Tollway
  • Indiana Toll Road
  • Wisconsin Tollway

The largest tollway system is the Illinois Tollway in the state. It has 294 miles of toll roads. It has several different types of toll plazas, some of which are

  • Belvidere Oasis
  • Des Plaines Oasis
  • Hinsdale Oasis
  • Lake Forest Oasis
  • O’Hare Oasis
  • Plano Oasis

And different types of tollways have toll plazas at various points along their routes.

How to use the Illinois Toll Plaza Map

How to plan your route

Toll Plaza Navigate Illinois is a great way to plan your route. It also helps you to see where the toll plazas are and how much they charge. To use this state navigate, visit these steps:

  1. Follow the Illinois state tollway website.
  2. Select the “Maps” button.
  3. Click on “Interactive Tollway Map” therein.
  4. And enter your first location and its destination in it.
    This map shows the toll plazas on the road along with the easiest route to your destination.

How to bypass toll plazas

There are a few methods to bypass your toll plazas altogether. You can use the toll plaza map of the state of Illinois to choose the best routes without toll plazas. You can also follow GPSs and map apps that provide a method of toll-free routing. Some of the standout apps include Google Maps and Waze.

Illinois is known for its major network of highways and tollways in the state, making it easy for drivers and commuters to navigate around the state. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to Illinois, finding a variety of toll plaza locations in the state is essential to making your trip smooth and hassle-free.

We bring you all the important details you need to know about the locations and what to look for in this Illinois State Toll Plaza Guide. This map guide also provides you with the latest updates on toll plazas and toll rates. So follow the toll plaza roads of the state of Illinois.

Types of Toll Plazas:

The Illinois state system has three types of tollway toll plazas, all of which you can see as you travel around the state:

Open-Road Tolling (ORT) Plazas:
ORT Plazas are meant to deliver seamless and smooth travel experiences as drivers at toll plazas are allowed to go at highway speeds without slowing down. You’ll notice overhead gantries incorporated with cameras or sensors that automatically detect I-PASS and E-ZPass transponders in your vehicle at these toll plazas.

Some of the types of ORT Plazas in Illinois are:

  • Jane is a woman
  • Memorial Tollway (I-90)
  • Tri-State Tollway (I-94/I-294/I-80)
  • Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88)
  • Mainline Toll Plazas:
    Near mainline toll plazas, drivers have to slow down to pay toll fees. Usually, the starting and exiting of toll roads are located at these toll plaza points. You can also find toll booths where you can pay by cash and pay tolls using a credit card or debit card.

Some of the major toll plazas in the state of Illinois are:

  1. Belvidere Oasis Toll Plaza (I-90)
  2. Lake Forest Oasis Toll Plaza (I-94)
  3. Hinsdale Oasis Toll Plaza (I-294)
  4. Ramp Toll Plazas:
    Ramp toll plazas are also located at the entry and exit ramps of toll roads. Intermediate toll plaza points are found to collect toll payments from drivers entering and exiting the toll roads. You will also find toll booths at these toll plazas where you can pay tolls either in cash or following a credit card or debit card.

Some types of ramp toll plazas in Illinois include:

  • Devon Toll Plaza (I-94
  • Touhy Avenue Toll Plaza (I-294)
  • O’Hare Oasis Toll Plaza (I-294)

Payment Process:

Many toll plaza locations are convenient for drivers in the state of Illinoisans:

I-PASS and E-ZPass:
I-PASS and E-ZPass, allow drivers to pay toll fees without stopping at toll plazas. These electronic toll collection systems use transponders installed on the windshields of vehicles and are linked with toll plaza equipment to collect tolls from drivers’ accounts.

Payment by Cash:
Drivers can also pay tolls in cash at toll booths near toll plazas. However, it is important to explore that some types of toll plazas only accept change on the side, and some credit cards or debit cards are also accepted.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions


How much do we have to spend to use the toll roads in the state of Illinois?

The cost of toll roads or the type of toll used varies depending on the distance we travel in the state of Illinois. Cash tolls at toll plazas are also more expensive than I-PASS tolls. You can usually use the Illinois State Toll Plaza Navigate to get the cost of your trip.

Can I pay tolls with a credit card?

Can definitely pay