Phonepe Careers | Phonepe Jobs – 2023

Phone pe Careers | Phone pe Jobs – 2023

COMPANY Phone pe
QUALIFICATION bachelor’s in engineering, computer, science, math, statistics/MBA
ROLE You will be involved in automating the processes and MIS.
OTHER INFORMATION Job Position – Graduate Trainee


1. Is Phone pe a good company to join?

Yes, phone pe is a very good company to join because phone pe can help their employees with all their problems and gives opportunity to improve themselves.

2. How does Phone pe Earn?

Phone pe gets commission from the promotions of various products on its app.

3. What is the benefit of Phone pe Company?

Phone pe offers exclusive value-added services to all its merchant partners.

4. What is the salary of a Phone pe specialist?

In India, phone pe salary ranges between 3.5 to 5.8 Lakhs.

5. Why should I join Phone pe?

Phone pe is a very good company to work for, it’s like a rewarding experience. Phone pe provides a very good opportunity to their employees and the environment at phone pe is also very good.

6. What is the salary breakdown of Phone pe?

It is about ranges between 15 to 48 Lakhs.

7. Does Phone pe pay well?

Yes, Phone pe pays very well to its employees.

8. Is Phone pe Legal?

Yes, Phone pe Private Limited is a TPAP authorized by NPCI